5 Easy Steps to Shiny Windows

They say "Eyes are the window to the soul." Considering that your house is where you heart and soul is, it is very important to keep “eyes” of the house clean.

Clean windows make the house look bigger and lighter. However, window cleaning is a big task and oftentimes we just skip this time-consuming cleaning chore. To help you get in the mood for window cleaning, we have developed a quick check-list that will make window cleaning a little bit easier. Let’s get started.

1. Preparation.

This is done by collecting the necessary tools and the cleaning agents in one place. These may include:

- A bucket or any suitable container for cleaning solution.

- Detergent or vinegar. If you mix any of these with water you’ll get a very efficient cleaning sticky blots and stains.

- Squeegee. This little guy will help us to remove excess solution from the panes.

- A sponge, soft cloth, or old newspapers. While sponge will be used to apply the solution, a cloth and old newspapers will you to dry the glass and make your windows shiny.

- Stepping ladder. Obviously some window may be tall, some may be out of your reach. Stepping ladder is always useful in house cleaning, just make sure that you follow some basic safety rules.

- Pair of protective rubber gloves - This is to protect your hands from potential allergic reaction to the cleaning solution.

2. Dusting.

First step of the actual cleaning is dusting. Use a soft brush or a cloth to remove dust from your windows. Dusting should be done from the top  down. The whole purpose of this step is to protect cleaning solution from getting dirty.

3. Reducing the mess.

An absorbent material such as a towel may be placed on the windowsill or on the ground where dripping cleaning solution lands, thus preventing it from flowing uncontrollably which may add up to the cleaning tasks.

4. Cleaning-solution application.

The detergent or vinegar should be mixed with water to form a solution which should be applied to the panes till they are drenched. One may use the spiral movements or apply form one side of the pane to the other. If the glass surface is large, one may opt to work on the reachable surface first as if to divide it into segments. Where one window is above another one, always start with the upper one first. The application of the solution should be done to the frames and the hinges too.

5. Drying-off the windows.

Using a squeegee, the cleaning solution should be removed from the panes by running it from one end to the other using either the vertical or horizontal movements and wiping it after every run. A fluffy cloth should then be used to wipe the remaining wetness after which the old newspaper or a dry lint-free cloth may be used to finish off the drying leaving the surface sparkling.

Although these window-cleaning steps seem to be easy and doable we still recommend that you use services of professional cleaners. They will be able to do the job very quickly and efficiently and your only job will be to enjoy your clean windows.