Housekeeping Services Rhode Island

The Maids Offers One of The Largest Choices of Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping Services Rhode IslandOur team at The Maids Rhode Island can bring you one of the greatest options of housekeeping services. You can always count on our team of professional cleaning to clean your entire home. All of your cleaning requirements such as, but are not restricted to cleaning your windows, carpets or some other areas, could be taken care of by our teams.

Our Unique Housekeeping Services Window Cleaning

When cleaning the house, one area that is usually neglected tends to be windows. If your windows haven't been cleaned for a very long time, it's time let the sun's rays back into your home. Windows that are filthy make homes appear darker than they are. Let our bonded and insured housekeeping teams deal with the interior and exterior of your windows.

Residential Moving Cleaning Services

Achieve a perfect looking house using The Maids specifically developed housekeeping services fit to your house whether it is newly acquired or when you are selling it. This specialized service is geared towards people that are looking to stage their home for a sale or to clean it after purchasing their dream home.  We also offer apartment cleaning.

Turnaround of Cleaning Services: Fast

Do you need a housekeeping service tomorrow or even today? Are you having company to come over for a social gathering? Worry no more, mainly because our teams of cleaning professionals are ready to help on moments notice. For same day service, you can rely on The Maids. We will always be right here whenever you need us fast and we guarantee to deliver results that you can proud of. Receive the wow factor from your friends, thanks to your freshly cleaned home. Then take the recognition for that great job!

Supplemental Housekeeping Services at Your Demand

One of the benefits you can get from The Maids is always that we are readily available whenever you will need us for a wide variety of cleaning projects. Small or not, easy or not, any kind of cleaning job could be done by our team of housekeeping services professionals. Interested on any or all of our expert services? Please do speak to one of our representatives for more information.

There is a wide selection of most sought after cleaning services to pick from. Below are what we, but certainly not limited to, clean:

  • Kitchen Cupboards
  • Ovens and Grill
  • Walls
  • Refrigerators
  • Tile Floors
  • Wood Floors
  • Chandeliers
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Wood Panels
  • Mirrors and Mirrored Covered Walls
  • Garages