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Maid Services Rhode IslandChoosing a maid service can be overwhelming - with so many options in Rhode Island, it is easy to get lost. Let's face it - the good majority of companies that advertise their maid services are capable of doing a decent job at cleaning. However, the real question that a lot of homeowners struggle with is whether the company of their choice is trustworthy and reliable. Here, at The Maids RI, we understand the importance of building long-term relationships with our customers and go above and beyond to win our clients' trust. 

Maids Service You Can Rely On

Here is some statistics for you - more than 90% of our customers trust us to keep their keys. It is because our clients are confident that we bond, insure, and thoughly train our staff before they are allowed to enter their houses. Moreover, we have a strict customer key policy, which ensures that your keys are safe with us. 

It is All About Teamwork

We are probably one of the few maid services in Rhode Island which uses a team approach when it comes to cleaning your house.  We groupp our staff into team of 4 people, where each member is resposible for their designated area. This approach ensures efficient cleaning that reduces time and cost for the client.  At the end of each cleaning, the supervisor will check all the work performed to make sure that no dirty spot is left behind.

Maid Services With a Sysytem

Our 22-step Healthy Touch Cleaning System was created to ensure a complete cleaning system that will focus on all the areas of your home. Each area is broken down into smaller tasks in order to as detailed as possible. These areas include kitchen cabinets, inside of your microwave, bathroom floors and vacuuming under the beds - We cover it all!

Give The Maids a Chance to be Your Quality Maid Services

With so many options on the Rhode Island market of cleaning services, it is important to know how to choose a company that not only will clean your house but also will ensure safety of your home and give you that comforting feeling that housecleaning is no longer of your concern. Here, at The Maids RI, we value our customers' time and safety. With our strickt  policies on your home safety and our comprehensive cleaning processes, we also make sure that we maximie your time. We will never cancel your appointment based on lack of man power, you make the appointment and we stick to it – no matter what.  We also have the flexibility to work around your schedule or to reschedule on a moment’s notice.

As you can see, The Maids RI always puts our customers first. So stop looking for A maid service, give THE Maids a call.