The team is friendly and professional. I am always impressed by how thorough they clean, and I appreciate the extra care they take to make sure everything looks neat and inviting!

Robin H. of Newport, RI
Serviced by the Yellow Team

The Maids are extremely thorough, careful, and prompt. They reach into every corner, and leave nothing undone.

Naomi Z. of Kingston, RI
Serviced by the Blue Team

They put the bedspread on our bed which no one has ever done before. We keep it in the closet, but they found it an put it on the bed. What a nice surprise. The house was clean and neat and they even remembered to leave the cabinet doors open in case of very cold weather. We really appreciate that.

Janet R. of Portsmouth, RI
Serviced by the Yellow Team

My favorite part is the thoroughness of the work, the personal touches, and all of the effort that foes into making my home clean and sanitized.

Mark D. of Riverside, RI
Serviced by the Pink Team

I have been using The Maids at my home in North Kingstown for several years and have been very happy with the service. They ALWAYS show up, which is so important to be able to count on. The day before they come, we get a phone call saying within what range of time we can expect them, and this is usually quite accurate. If anything they might be a little early. If they ever broke anything, they left a note detailing the problem. The company solicits feedback from clients and corrects any problems. I can leave notes and ask for something specific to be done or not done, and the requests are always followed. We are usually at work or arrange to leave when they come because there are four workers and they are everywhere! But it only takes a couple of hours every other week. They were a godsend when my son and daughter were living at home! Additionally, nothing has ever gone missing at my house, which had been a problem with other cleaners in the past. I highly recommend The Maids.

Pam T. of North Kingstown, RI
Serviced by the Blue Team

The Maids are such a necessity in my life! I have horrible allergies and they always go above and beyond in vacuuming my furniture, curtains and ceiling fans. I can literally breathe easier when these guys have my home on their schedule!!

Meghan F. of Charlestown, RI
Serviced by the Tangerine Team

I had the most awesome experience with The Maids last week and want people to know that their service is worth every penny they charge. I had them doing a full deep clean on a house that we were selling and it looked like a brand new home when they were finished. They arrived when they said they would, they were polite and friendly, and I paid what I was told I would pay. I can't speak to any of the other reviews as my experience was nothing but positive. Even the buyer of the house could not believe how thorough the clean was as she stopped by while they were cleaning. She is planning on hiring them once she gets settled in. One of the team members was actually using a toothbrush to clean the faucets in the bathrooms. I give high marks to the Aqua team and to The Maids in general. They are definitely "referred for a reason". Thanks for a great job guys!

Jeb P. of Westerly, RI
Serviced by the Aqua Team