Enhance the Look of Your Interior Decorating with New Moulding

New moulding provides advantages in many ways. It provides the capability to add design to any room. It conceals gaps and unsightly views. It also protects areas like floors to walls and protects corners. Your housekeeping efforts make your home look fantastic, but damaged, cracked, warped, dented, or missing moulding can inhibit the visual appeal and take away from your efforts. Just like a motorbike with a new seat and L.E.D. lighting. It looks cool, but the rust all over the bike takes away from the beauty potential it could have.

In looking for new moulding, there are some major elements to understand. Material, finish, and design can vary and knowing what is available will give you more power to find the right type for your needs.

Moulding is available in materials like oak, pine, composite, MDF (medium density fiber), and vinyl. Oak is a strong wood and adds durability and strength. Pine is more budget friendly and is very common in many homes. Composite and vinyl cleans easier, but can be more susceptible to scars or scuffing. MDF adds the feel of wood, but is made of fibers and has no wood grain.

On top of understanding materials, you should be aware of your finish choices. Moulding is available in finished, primed, or unfinished options. You will find a wide selection with different materials too. A finished piece of moulding is already painted or stained, just as the name would describe it. This may save time during installation. Primed moulding is ready to paint, which gives you the option to choose your color and type of paint, not to mention gloss level. Unfinished trim allows you to choose between paint and stain and you have tons of choices there!

In choosing your upgrade, materials and finish are important to know. You will also find many designs with various patterns, as well as find plain trim that is beveled with a slight curvature. In understanding your options, you will have the buying power to get a better match to your needs and it will certainly promote your cleaning efforts too, unlike the rusted motorbike.