How to Become the 'Fan of the Week' on Facebook!

Ever wondered how we choose the Fan of the Week on Facebook? We don’t just choose any fan to have their week in the spotlight – you have to earn it…  No need to worry though, that part is easy. All you have to do is be active on our Page. It’s really that simple!

 What does ‘Being Active’ Include? 

Being active on Facebook is actually very easy and only takes a minute or so. Here are some great ways to help you become our next Fan of the Week!

    • Like wall posts or pictures.
    • Comment on our posts.
    • Post fun and interesting things on our Wall.
    • Share posts.
    • Tag us in your posts on your own Wall.

The more you interact, the more likely you are to be chosen as our Fan of the Week. In short, if you’re on our minds, then you’ll probably be on our Facebook Banner.

Please note that we must be able to see your beautiful face in your Profile Picture in order to become our next Fan of the Week.

What’s In It for Me?

We want to reward you for helping our Facebook Community grow, so not only will you be awarded with a week of fame on our Page, but you’ll also receive $50 off your next service with us!

What Happens Once I Am Chosen?

We usually choose the Fan of the Week every Monday and will announce the winner through a status on our Facebook Wall.We will also need to send a private message to the winner with your coupon included so, if your privacy settings are on ‘Private,’ we will not be able to choose you. If you have won and are having trouble finding the message, make sure you look in the ‘Other’ section of your Facebook Inbox.

Good Luck!