Smart Phone Apps that Help You Clean

There are so many apps out there for our smart phones today, you can almost find an app for anything, and house cleaning is no different! There are plenty of apps focused on helping you get your house cleaner, from apps that act like video games to keep you motivated to those that give you random, real advice throughout the day.

If you're looking for some apps to start with, give these a try:

General Advice

If you want to know the little details about how to clean things in your house or what you can expect to see in designer homes this year, you want a general advice type of app.

These apps provide tips on their own and many have serachable databases or interfaces that allow you to browse for what you're looking for. Two apps that follow this pattern are Bright Nest and Good Housekeeping, both known for their home insights and now in app form!

Get Rid of It!

Trying to get rid of your clutter? If you've been looking for an easy way to sell your old stuff, there are auction apps that can help you out. From camera shot to selling in no time! Ebay's app is the most well-known, but there's also Rumgr, which also does photo-to-auction and also local maps that tell people in the area what you have for sale.


The fact is, sometimes you aren't the one doing the cleaning! If you're trying to manage the chores your kids are (or aren't) doing, there are apps for that, too. Chore Hero is an app you can all put on your phones to keep track of tasks, assignments, completions, and even rewards. Chore Bank and Chore Pay are ways of keeping track of allowances, something your kids will be very interested in!