That Doesn't Go There—Or Does It?

You probably know where most of the things in your house go. If you're organized, then each item has its spot, each tool has its use, each area is set aside for a certain thing. Even if you aren't great at housekeeping, you have a general idea of what things you use and keep where.

There are some things, though; that you might want to rethink. What if you could take something you're only sort of using in the kitchen, and turn it into a completely different tool in another room in the house? Here are two things to try:

Wall Hooks in the Bedroom

Sure, you probably have hooks in your bathroom to hang clothes or towels on. You might even have some near your door for keys and jackets. But the bedroom? Why do you need them in the bedroom?

Wall hooks are actually a great way to store and display things like jewelry, scarves, ties, or hats. Hang some hooks along the wall near your closet or next to your bed, then hang a few of your favorite necklaces, bracelets, wraps, scarves, neckties, and hats. Show off your fashionable collection while keeping anything you might want to wear close at hand.

Lazy Susan in the Bathroom

Now wait just a minute—wall hooks, sure; but a Lazy Susan? Yes! Have you ever had to reach under your bathroom sink and dig all the way to the back to find that extra bottle of shampoo you bought? A Lazy Susan makes it easy!

Place things you're likely to need often (use baskets for smaller items)—extra soap, shampoo, or shaving cream, the curlers you use once in a while, or the collection of hair ties that won't stay put anywhere else—on the Lazy Susan, then just spin it around to get exactly what you need with little effort. What a great way to maximize space!