Hiring a Maid Service Rhode Island

What Should You Look For When Hiring A Maid Service

Hiring a Maid Service Rhode IslandTired from trying to keep the house together while preparing meals and driving kids to activities? Hiring a maid service will not only make your house clean but it will also help reduce your stress on all of those chores cause. But, how to choose the perfect maid service? The following are some guidelines in hiring a maid service:

Are they bonded and insured?

Insurance against accidents and protection against theft of different companies are most of the time assumed by people. In reality there are a lot independent maids and maid services company who think that your homeowners insurance coverage will do. Get the services of a well-known company when hiring a maid service in which you are usually given the assurance that their workers are bonded and insured just like The Maids Rhode Island.

Are their employees properly documented?

Many maid services cut costs by employing undocumented personnel. Hiring a maid service like The Maids Rhode Island will give you an assurance that their workers are working under the strict compliance of the US law.

Are they good in paying their taxes, social security and workman's compensation?

A maid service may seem more inexpensive up until you find out that you must pay extra fees. The Maids Rhode Island along with the other locally owned franchise maid services companies includes all taxes, social security, and other charges in the regular service agreement. Extra paperwork or hidden costs will not be your problem.

What is their process in hiring, screening and training their employees?

Someone you can trust in your home is among to priorities to take into consideration whenever hiring a maid service. Employee references are important; does the maid service you are getting have this? Do they have a criminal background check? Do they employ their own personnel or use subcontractors? Maid training is probably not provided if the maid service company makes use of subcontractors. Dependability, criminal history and cleaning knowledge of personnel are just what The Maids undertake, and likewise we also provide our employees a comprehensive training in research based cleaning methods. Furthermore, they are given regular re-training to make sure they're up-to-date.

Equipment and cleaning solutions: Who is going to furnish these things?

Telling the employer to supply equipment and cleaning solutions is one way for many maid services to trim down their costs. However, at times such cleaning equipment and supplies are not sufficient enough to clean thoroughly. Traditional vacuums are only able to reach and clean a certain part, but with our backpack vacuum having its HEPA filters, all allergens and dirt under your furniture as well as corners can be reached with no need for a ladder. Additionally, our unique cleaning formulas use bio-based elements which in turn get rid of staph, E-coli as well as other bacteria using non-pathogenic environmental isolates that imitate the way in which nature cleans itself.

What type of references are you given?

Customer references ought to be provided if the company is reputable, it will help you select if you're able to trust them in hiring a maid service. It is advisable to check with the said customer if the maid service is actually recommended. Find out if they are really happy with the way the employees as well the company takes care of them. The first company to provide them a thoroughly cleaned house is actually The Maids, based upon just what our clients have said. Make sure you ask all of the right questions.

What kind of customer guarantee is provided?

A company that is aware they have a quality service are able to present a customer satisfaction guarantee. Note down all the contact numbers of the company so you can get through to them in case of any issues you may face with your recent cleaning.

Versatility of Cleaning Schedules

Will they be flexible? When they have an employee who's sick, do they cancel your cleaning? Hiring a maid service just like The Maids, which is a large team service company, you're going to be sure that your appointment will upheld, even if one of the cleaning team member is sick. In addition, a larger company is typically much more versatile in relation to changing your appointed cleaning should you prefer a different day.

Quality Monitoring

Are there any surveys you can take a look at? What about feedback, can you be capable to render one? Are personnel checked periodically? Look for a company that cares about quality control and improvement if you're planning on hiring a maid service.