Capture Island Style in Your Home

You might not live in an island paradise, but you can make your home feel more like you live in one. When your home is a place to relax, regroup, and re-center, it should invite you in and encourage those things.

What do you think of when you think of island design? What do you picture when you pictureHawaii? Here are some tips for achieving island style in your own home:

Bring Nature In. Often, when people think of islands, they think of nature: blue skies, salty water, green plants, bright sand. One of the ways to get more island flair in your home is to bring some of that nature in.

Open your blinds and curtains to allow sunlight inside and to provide a clear view of the outside, and bring in leafy green plants to help bring some green into the space.

Combine Colors. Think natural but lush when you’re trying to make an elegant island style. Mix creams and browns with burnt oranges and deep golds. The luxury created by these colors being brought together can be quite stunning.

Use Natural Materials & Textures. Incorporate natural-feeling elements into your space with surfaces that include both stone and wood. Wood of different colors and depths (think dark and rich paired with lighter gold-tinged woods), stone or stone-like surfaces in natural-looking colors, and other natural textures are welcome additions to an island room.

If you don’t have the time or resources to completely re-decorate for island style, try making just a few little changes: add plants, invite in natural light, and bring more natural woods and cream colors into your space where possible.