Easy, Natural Way to Keep Flies Away

As summer moves in, you will likely spend more and more time outside. It’s the season for parks and picnics and vacation, but it’s also the season for insects. Housekeeping keeps them out of the house, but they love to crash an outdoor party. 

Don’t let flies ruin your next barbecue—this simple trick from Creative Time For Me will keep them away no matter how tempting the food!

A Taste for Lemon

Many insects hate citrus. They also hate cloves. The best natural deterrent you can make, then; comes from combining the two!

Step #1: Cut a lemon in half. Plan on one lemon/two halves per table, so if you’re having a large outdoor picnic, you’ll want to have a few extra lemons!

Step #2: Poke whole cloves into the open lemon half. Be generous with the cloves, and you can arrange them in a way that looks unique and interesting, as well.

Step #3: Put the lemon half in a small dish. You’re looking for something that will hold the lemon upright. If you don’t have small bowls, teacups or ramekins will also work.

Step #4: Leave the lemon halves on the table. Put the lemons out about 30 minutes before you eat. This will give it time to take full effect so you don’t have any extra flies hanging around.

There are three great things about this trick: first, it’s effective! Second, it’s 100% natural, and finally, it looks and smells good on your table.

Tip: You can substitute an orange or lime for the lemon if you prefer.