Extend the Life of Your Seated Furniture

The furniture in your home that has seating, such as couches, chairs, sofas, and recliners, all experience a lot of use on a daily basis. This usage can provide wear and tear to the furniture and affect the appeal of the item itself. In addition, stained or damaged furniture can hinder the actual room’s appeal and make the house cleaning efforts less impactful. So what can be done to prolong their life and keep them looking like new? In reality, that is a challenge since they are not built to a higher strength, but there are several options you can take to help them along the way of their lifespans.

Furniture Covers

Furniture covers are available in many different styles and colors. These covers are premade to fit the contours of most furniture. Sizes can vary so you will want to know your dimensions. These items help preserve the material on the furniture, mainly by protecting it from stains, spills, and wear. The covers come off easily and most are machine washable. It is recommended that you purchase two for each piece of furniture so that you have continued protection while the other is being cleaned. They are higher priced, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages here.

Stain Protection

When it comes to stain protection, it can be a spray or a gel like substance. Applying this protection over the material of the furniture helps to resist stains and spills. Many are available with water resistance too, which is an excellent benefit to have. You don’t want that juice sinking in your couch cushion. In addition to protecting the surface, stain guards also usually refresh the look of the furniture. When you apply water to a car tire, it looks close to new and clean, right? A stain guard treatment can also have that effect on furniture. The only difference is the stain protection will not be wet once it sets in. So if you have faded or dull surfaces, the stain guard can bring them to life.