Give Your Refrigerator More Space

A fridge is important in every household, just as much as house cleaning duties are. Most of the food you and your family eat comes from the refrigerator…or at least some of it. The morning orange juice and the eggs, the soda and the ham for sandwiches, the thawing ground beef for dinner, etc. are all just a few items that depend on your fridge. If you have plenty of people in the household, you definitely need as much room as you can get. Even if you don’t, you still need plenty of room. So what can be done to create more space in your refrigerator? Here are some ideas.

Soda Trays/Dispensers

Instead of stuffing cases of soda on the shelves or trying to conserve space by removing them from the box, you can purchase soda trays/dispensers that hold several cans. These trays are designed to stack cans sideways and in one row, typically 2 high. The cans are accessible from the front. As you grab one can, the rest roll down to the edge, ready for the next can to be grabbed. This sure beats trying to stack cans and knocking them down like dominoes or spilling something in the process. In addition, you can have several so you have one for every flavor or type of canned drink.

Door Racks

Your refrigerator most likely has shelving on the inside of the door. Use that space for liquid items like orange juice cartons, fruit punch bottles, 2 liter sodas, etc. You can also use that space for condiments like mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, etc.

Reorganize the Shelves

Most refrigerators have adjustable shelving. Take inventory of your commonly purchased items and try to dedicate shelving space based on size. You won’t have clutter. You will have an easy way to find something based on the size. Smaller items like cheese slices, burger meat, buns, deli meat, small salsa jars, etc. can be placed on one shelf. Bigger items like heads of lettuce, bagged onions, 2 gallon milk jugs, loafs of bread, etc. can fit on another shelf. Once you have reorganized your shelves, you may feel like you have room for another shelf. Sure, you can do that if you can find one, but at the least; you will have more room to reach into the refrigerator and get what you need, not mention see what you need. No more pulling stuff out to get to something else. No more accidental spills, lid loosening, or damaged food.