Handling Pet Hair

There are many families have pets as furry family members. They however tend to leave that fur as a mess around your home, even when their movements are controlled.. It can be time consuming to always pick up hair time that could have been used doing other things. If you are in the Coventry, Rhode Island area, let The Maids of Rhode Island assist you with all of your housekeeping needs, including cleaning up that pesky pet hair. But to help with daily cleaning needs, here are some of the ways that pet hair can be dealt with:

Vacuum attachment for pet hair 

Attachments specifically designed for pet hair come in handy when you are looking for something to quickly and easily pick up the hair. Go through the options available in the market to get the one that you feel best fits your needs. The attachments that have rubber bristles or bumps along with brushes are the usually the most effective. But always remember to empty your vacuum frequently, as these attachments will quickly fill your vacuum with pet hair.

Home filtration units 

The home purifier works out great for capturing airborne particles. With different varieties availableon the market, you should do some research to find the one that best fits your family’s needs. Thesework to help prevent hair from settling on electronics and furniture. In other words, the purifier will help to reduce the amounts of hair that needs to be vacuumed, saving valuable cleaning time.

Pet hair rollers, lint rollers, box tape

The idea of using pet hair rollers and lint rollers may not seem like the best cleaning method, however if you want to save some time you may be surprised at how effective they are getting rid of pet hair from tables, chairs, and couches among many other areas. The rollers pick up an adequate amount before you have to change the roll or even just throw it away.