How to Store Seasonal Clothing and Why It’s Important

Are you the type of person that stores all of your clothing in the same place all year round? Then you are simply not making use of your storage space efficiently. You would be better off storing clothing that you aren’t using in the attic, or other storage area.

Make the Most of Your Bedroom Storage Space

If the drawers and wardrobes in your bedroom are packed to the max then you need to store your clothing seasonally. Basically, you need to take out any clothing that you are not going to be wearing for the next 3-4 months. For example, if it’s summer then you can take all of your coats, thick jumpers and warm pants to the attic. 

When winter comes you would simply get them out again and replace them by your summer clothing. This means that all year round there will be plenty of room without having to cram clothes in tight spaces.  

How to Store Clothing

You need to store the clothing correctly so that it doesn’t get damaged. Use plastic boxes, or bags as this will prevent dust from building up onto the clothes. Also avoid hanging on hanging lines for extended periods of time since that could do permanent damage to the fabric. 

Make sure to clean your clothing prior to storing them. It isn’t nice when you get out your favorite jumper after months of storage only to find it has some big stains on it.

Where to Store the Clothing

The best place to store clothing is where it is least likely to get in the way. Typically this would be an attic, or basement. However, if you don’t have those then try to find a place for them where for months they would go unnoticed. 

Take care to not store clothing in a damp environment as that will certainly destroy the clothes beyond repair. With this in mind storing seasonal clothing needs to be done with checkups. The purpose of that is to make sure there is no bug infestation, or a buildup of mold outside or within the storage compartment.