Multiple Uses of Aroma Therapy for Your Home

Aromatherapy can turn your home into a natural haven. This technique uses a variety of essential oils with good scents for all occasions. The oils are natural and some can be used on your body to sooth your muscles and bring a feeling of relaxation. Use of the oils needs an understanding of the methods to use and a fine selection of different scents for various uses. Essential oils are affordable and bring life to your home if used properly.

To bring some freshness in your fabrics such as towels, pillowcases and sheets with essential oils consider making a concentration of the oils and put them in a bottle sprayer. Lavender, sage and rose can work well.

Add about 10-15 drops of your ideal oil or a combination into an ounce of water and shake well. Spray lightly on your fabrics or in the bedroom and bathroom to create an aromatherapy session in your home.

Some essential oils also have healing properties especially for respiratory ailments and sinus infections. For treatment of these, add 3-5 drops of herbal oils like lemon or eucalyptus in a bowl of steaming water and bring your face over the hot water with your eyes closed. Breathe in the steam with diffused oil for healing.

Essential oils in water are very soothing and especially lavender. You can add a few drops of the plant’s oil in to your bathwater. To ensure proper dispersion of the oil into the water, consider mixing about 12 drops of your preferred oil with a teaspoon of honey, milk or vegetable oil and add in your water before getting a good soak for better sleep.

Patchouli or lavender can directly be applied on the skin if mixed with almond oil or grape seed oil to reduce allergic reaction. The mixture is great for self-massage and the heat of your body acts as the diffuser to help in producing the sweet natural scents. Prolong the life of your essential oils in a cool and dark place