Making the Most of a Small Bathroom Through Hanging Storage and Less Clutter

bathroomSmaller bathrooms are a common feature of many homes. While they can be more difficult to use at times, there are a number of ideas that will make them practical and comfortable spaces. This includes using appropriate storage and avoiding the build up of clutter. The following are a few ideas to consider for making a small bathroom work for you.

Wall Hanging Vanity

Using a wall hanging vanity in a small bathroom allows more of the floor to be seen and this can help in creating the impression of a larger space. Choose one that has a cabinet and drawers below to provide different options for your storage needs.

Hanging Towel Holder

These come in a variety of styles that include hooks and ring holders. Install one or two to hold only the towels you need on a daily basis and change these as necessary.

Over Toilet Storage

Hanging a cabinet or shelf on the wall above a toilet is a simple way to maximize the space in a small bathroom. This is a wall area that is rarely used, but it can keep items out of the way to make a bathroom appear larger.

Corner Shower Caddy

The corner areas of a bathroom are another space that can be under-utilized. Opting for a hanging shower caddy designed specifically to fit in a corner is a way to use these areas in a small bathroom, so that other wall spaces can be left free. This is another way to create the impression of a larger space.

Keep Only What You Need in the Bathroom

Having clean towels and spare toiletries stored in a bathroom may be convenient, however it is not a necessity. It can in fact clutter up the room, which is not a good idea for the look of smaller bathrooms. Having a cabinet available in a bedroom is a simple way to get spare towels and toiletries out of the bathroom, but still close at hand when needed. This allows you to keep only what you need for use in the bathroom for a less cluttered appearance.

Keeping your bathroom clean and hygienic as well as free of clutter is another way to make sure it is comfortable for use. The professional cleaning service offered by The Maids of Rhode Island is exceptional in this area, and our staff can also carry out cleaning tasks around the rest of your home. If you need help with any household chores, just give us a call.