The Importance of Cleaning Windows

logo window cleaner rear FINIf you are like many homeowners, you may tend to overlook windows when you’re completing cleaning tasks, or you may only clean your windows every once in a while. You may take window cleaning for granted, but what you don’t know is that having clean windows can make a big difference in the atmosphere of your house as well as the health and well being of your family. There are many benefits associated with clean windows, ranging from your house’s overall appearance to enhancing the comfort of your home.

More Natural Light

Overtime, the glass used in windows becomes degraded due to a variety of contaminants, including hard minerals, oxidation, sea spray, acid rain, mortar, paint, chalking, and more. These contaminants block a substantial amount of natural light from penetrating into your home, making the rooms appear dark.

Window cleaning helps remove and prevent these pollutants from permeating into the glass, thus allowing optimal natural light into your house. This not only adds comfort and beauty to the rooms, but also makes the space appear bigger and more appealing.

Less Allergens

Like with other home surfaces, dirt and grime tends to build up on both sides of windows over time. This not only makes the windows become dull, but also causes increased growth of allergens that can lead to allergic reactions, respiratory problems and other conditions in house occupants. Window cleaning removes dirt and grime, thus preventing these health issues.

Vitamin D

Cleaning of windows brightens the whole house and lets in much more sunlight to enable you to get the vitamin D that you need. Remember the most natural and effective way to get vitamin D is by exposing your bare skin to sunlight. Dirty windows won’t enable you to get enough sunlight to synthesize vitamin D. So you must have them cleaned.


Clean windows will make both the exterior and interior of your property more appealing. This can be particularly useful when you’re selling as it’ll attract buyers. But, even if you’re not selling, your family and friends will enjoy relaxing in your fresh, clean and attractive home.

Helps Maintain the Quality of Windows

Regular window cleaning will give your windows a long life. Environmental contaminants, such as hard water, acid rain, and oxidation tend to make the glass become weaker and break down. Quality and thorough window cleaning by professionals like the staff at The Maids of Rhode Island removes these contaminants and keeps your windows in excellent condition.