Tips on How to Remove Water Stains from Carpet

People do not really comprehend how water can stain a carpet. The fact is that carpets are very susceptible to stains from all walks of life due to the exposure they are subjected to. When water spills on a carpet, the stain is only visible when the water dries up. Nevertheless, water stains are the easiest stains to do away with but only if the following cleaning steps are followed carefully. 

How to remove water stains from carpet. Cleaning a water stain on a carpet can either be done before it dries or after it dries. 

Before the stain dries. The first step is to suck up the water and ensure that it gets absorbed to the maximum. Using a white cloth, suck up the water and if there is a pool of it apply pressure to the cloth ensuring it sucks most of it. While sucking up the water, do not rub the cloth back and forth. This aggravates the stain deeper and wider on the carpet.

Next, fold several pieces of paper towels and then place them on the stain with a heavy objects such as a book over them. Leave them overnight or for 12 hours. You can then remove the paper towels and brush the carpet area with a soft brush to restore the fluff. The stain may still be persistent, in this case use a steam iron by using the steamer from a garment while holding it six inches off the carpet.

When the stain dries. Make a solution of equal parts of white vinegar (distilled) and warm water. Using the vinegar mixture dampen the white cloth. The mixture helps eliminate the edges of the stain due to its higher pH. Never rub the cloth in the carpet, let the stain edges absorb the vinegar while also remember not to saturate the carpet. Finally, let the carpet dry thoroughly and if the stain still persists do the process all over again.