Turning Photographs Into Wall Art

There are a few ways you take your personal photographs and turn them into features in your home. You can have them transferred to canvas, create large prints, or one of the most do-it-yourself choices, create clusters of photographs.

If you're going to group pictures to display as wall art, there are a few things you can do to be sure you get the effect you want:

Use Themed Frames. While you don't need identical picture frames when you're creating an eclectic collection, some cohesion helps bring them together as an art feature rather than just a group of photographs. This could be as something as the same color frame, the same color mats, or the same shape and size. Similar features will bring it together into a charming arrangement for your wall.

Choose a Layout. There are two common ways to hang groups of photons. An asymmetrical layout clusters the photos together in different shapes, sizes, and configurations. A grid is exactly what it sounds like: a square or rectangle created by photographs. Choose which one you like best before you get started.

Arrange First. Before you start to hang, lay all of the pictures you plan on using out on a floor or table and arrange them exactly how you want them to look on the wall. Look at arangement, spacing, and placement. It will save time and energy, as you won't have to fix placement when you're finished.

What photographs would you hang for your art?