Interior Designer's Secret to Organization

Have you ever wondered if an interior designer decorates and does the house cleaning so his or her home looks as neat, clean, and perfect as you would expect? In the case of HGTV designer Sabrina Soto, you can bet it is! When she took HGTV to her own home, she shared her ideas and tricks for organization. See if one of these clever ideas will work for your space:

Multi-Functional Storage

Soto is a fan of streamlined, multi-purpose storage spaces, so much so that she has two rather large pieces. The first is her coffee table, designed with a shelf underneath on which she stores books in neat stacks.

The second is her hydraulic bed, the mattress of which lifts up to reveal hidden storage inside the base of the bed. That's maximizing a lot of space!

Pretty Boxes for Unsightly Items

Decorative boxes on the coffee table hide wrapped cords that otherwise would have no home. Some items, no matter how neatly stored, will never be nice to look at, so this is a great option for those items. She also keeps her remote and magazines in an open box that complements the set.

A Closet System

Soto has a closet that will never fail her when she's looking for something in particular because she has it so organized. The key, as with most organization, is to make it make sense to you. For Soto, grouping by purpose is the best system. You might prefer to sort by color or by style. Any system, as long as you understand it, can minimize clutter!