Ways to Decorate in a Rental

For renters, decorating can be a challenge. A lot of times there are significant restrictions on things like painting, flooring, and cabinetry. Instead of changing these things around, then; a renter has to figure out ways to liven up a room with what's already there.

Whether you're housekeeping or decorating, you always want whatever will make your house more comfortable and enjoyable. If you're renting and you aren't sure where to start, these ideas might give you some options to consider: 

Add to What You Have

Look around the room at what you have. What wall color are you starting with? If there are furnishings you can't remove or replace, what color are those?

You can use different shades of those colors to tie the space together more, but make sure you use pops of interesting colors and patterns to make the room more vibrant since rentals usually stick to neutrals on the walls and floors. The vibrancy will help the space feel newer, longer!

Where to Add:

Once you know what colors you want to build upon in the room, you have to figure out where to put them! Try this:

  • Area Rug. An area rug can be small or reasonably large and cover floor space and is the perfect way to add a burst of color in the room that's present without being overwhelming.

  • Curtains. Depending on the size of the room and the curtains you buy, these can be a significant bit of color in a room, so choose a color you want to highlight. Sheers are a great way to get a little bit of light in the house, too; just avoid putting sheers directly east or west facing!

  • Small Accessories. From throw pillows and blankets to candles and vases, spreading small accessories throughout a room in complementary bright colors can pull a disjointed room together into a single-feeling space.